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MAC Motors control Capacitor and Stirrer

Application of MAC motors at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

The MAC motor and its control system are user-friendly. The integrated system has powerful functionality and versatility. It can be interfaced by LABVIEW through a serial bus. It finds two applications in my projects. The first application is to control a tuneable capacitor. The mechanically-tuneable capacitor is connected in series with an inductor under test. This requires that the capacitor can be tuned precisely in order to make the circuit resonant. The motor system meets the requirements satisfactorily owing to its features for fine and precise tuning.
The second application is to control a metallic stirrer which sits in a reverberation chamber. The reverberation chamber offers advantages over traditionally-used anechoic chambers in electromagnetic immunity testing with its low-cost and high ratio of maximum electric field to input power. The function of the stirrer is to change the field distribution in the reverberation chamber and creates a working volume with features of homogeneity, isotropy and uniformity. Other equipment, such as a spectrum analyzer, signal generator, etc., are also used in this project. This equipment can be controlled by LABVIEW through a GPIB interface. The MAC’s accessibility via LABVIEW makes it possible for the project to run within one integrated LABVIEW environment.
User: Zhang Daming, Assistant Professor
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Singapore 639798
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