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The JVL Company ...integration in motion

The Mission
of JVL A/S is to supply reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly integrated servo & stepper motors.

Our Goals
are to apply the latest technology in order to develop and produce the best, most user-friendly and most economical products of the highest quality.

Our Vision
is to be the world’s best manufacturer of integrated servo & stepper motors.

Product Program
The up-to-date development, research and production facilities of JVL employ only the latest technology for the development and production of electronic controls for servo and stepper motors. More than 50% of the staff are engineers with a very high degree of experience and competence in the field of motion control. They are all highly motivated and innovative, and we can therefore offer a product programme today that includes all the necessary units and components to build up complete motor control systems.

JVL first gained its high reputation in the 80´s for its development of modern, compact step-motor drivers and controllers. In the 90´s this successful development was followed by a series of second-to-none AC and DC servo controllers, which led to marketing of the unique integrated AC servo motor, the MAC motor, (up to 4500W), and the QuickStep, integrated stepper motor (up to 25Nm) which both include the entire controller, encoder etc. in one compact unit.

System Development
In addition to the standard product programme, JVL enjoys a high reputation for development of specialised, customised equipment. This makes it possible for our customers to solve a broad range of control tasks that cannot be directly catered for using units from the standard product range. Our expertise in such development has given us much insight into finding the optimum solution to complex control problems, and has helped many customers to find an economic, yet technically advanced solution to a complicated control application.

Experience and Customer Support
JVL has more than 25 years of experience in motion control, and our engineers regard it as an important and exciting challenge to work together with customers and representatives to find the optimum solution to each motion control task.

JVL offers a wide selection of quality products for motion control:
  • Integrated AC-Servo motors
  • Integrated Stepper motors
  • AC-Servo motor controllers
  • DC-Servo motor controllers
  • Motor drivers, Step-, AC- and DC
  • Keyboard/Display-, Input/Output- and Counter Modules

Furthermore: Development of customer-specified products. System development. Dimensioning of systems. Engineering consultancy

JVL products are marketed all over the world, in Europe, the USA and Asia, by independent representatives who are, carefully selected by JVL to have the necessary knowledge and experience, in order to help our customers in the best possible way in their choice of motion control components.
JVL is represented in the following countries:
In Germany and Great Britain/Ireland by our own companies, JVL Deutschland and JVL UK respectively.
Plus our newest addition "JVL Entegre Motorları Ltd. Şti." in Turkey
In USA and overseas we are represented through our company JVL International.
Belgium Portugal
China Singapore
France Spain
Germany Sweden
Iceland Switzerland
Ireland The Netherlands
Italy United Kingdom
Korea (KR)
We are constantly looking for suitable representatives in all other markets, and are in the process of signing contracts with several recognized companies around the world.

70 to 80% of the equipment produced by JVL is exported and a large part is in use outside Denmark, as an integral part of equipment exported by JVL’s Danish customers.
The Customers
JVL´s customers are mainly machine builders, either independent companies or the process machinery departments of larger concerns. A proportion of customers are also found within the education sector and research laboratories.

Many customers also use JVL equipment as a part of their own production which is then sold globally. Among the customers are some of the biggest and internationally most acknowledged companies, including:


JVL A/S is managed by the two founders, Bo Valeur Jessen, Technical Director, and Mads Vernon Jørgensen, Managing Director.

The company was founded in 1986 on the basis of the first innovative driver and controller designs, and JVL’s use of the, at that time, latest microprocessor technology. Turnover increased rapidly, and soon JVL took over another well-known and respected Danish company in the field of motor control. This added increased experience to JVL A/S’s expertise in the field of motion control, and afforded new possibilities for strengthening the company’s market position.
The company is situated in 3000 m2 premises in an attractive industrial area in the town of Birkerød, north of Copenhagen, offering very good possibilities for future expansion.

The number of employees has steadily increased, and now includes expertise within all the required fields for development and production of motor control equipment.

JVL A/S is owned exclusively by the two founders. There is no external capital and the company has continued to be self-financing, so that no loans have been incurred apart from that necessary for the daily running of the company. This gives a high degree of freedom in all respects and guarantees JVL’s basis for continued expansion.

JVL’s production uses external suppliers to a large extent, so that the company can concentrate on inspection, final mounting and test. ISO9001:2015 requirements for quality assurance are widely followed and certification is planned as soon as all procedures have been documented. Computer testing is widely used, and all new designs are tested to ensure that they can withstand the environmental conditions in which they have to work in practical use.

New Developments
At JVL we pay very high attention to, and use a very large part of the budget on, the continuing development and improvement of the product range we offer our customers for motion control.

We are constantly following the trends on the markets and listening to the wishes of our customers. Amongst other things, this attentive approach to the needs of the market has led to the development of unique set-up software with automatic updating of firmware via the internet, and to extended use of Profibus, CANopen, Devicenet, Ethernet and wireless systems With a control system from JVL you are sure to be at the forefront of motion control technology.
JVL Awards
JVL has received several awards during the years. The latest is the ISO9001:2015 certificate, recieved in July 2017. Among others JVL recieved the Gazelle award multiple times awarded by Dun & Bradstreet and Experian (KOB and RKI) for the highest credit rating on the triple-A scale and 5-star scale.
These ratings are awarded on the basis of an overall evaluation of a company´s payment history.

Link to our general conditions of sale and delivery can be found here.

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